Silica Gel

Silica Gel

We offer chemically stable, insoluble and flame-resistant Silica Gel to the clients. Silica gel is a commonly used desiccant because of its excellent moisture absorption properties. Also, Silica gel is best for thin layer chromatography applications on aluminum, glass, or plastic sheets. Moreover, food-grade Silica Gel is widely used as an anticaking agent, defoaming agent, conditioning agent and viscosity control agent in food preparations. We offer excellent quality Silica Gel in different grades and specifications at the industry leading prices.

Technical Specifications

  • Specific Gravity: 2.10
  • pH: 3 - 8 (in 5% slurry)
  • Solubility: Negligible (< 0.1%)

Packing Options


Pouch are available in size 0.5-1-2-3-5-10-20-25-50-100-200-250-500 gm & 1 Kg.

Packing Materials

  • Composite Paper
  • Non-Woven Paper
  • Dotted Cloth
  • Cotton Paper
  • Cloth and Tyvek Paper

Application Areas

  • Medicines
  • Chemicals
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Electrical Instruments
  • Automobile Industry
  • Storage of Documents
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics Instruments
  • Garments
  • Leather
  • Food Products